The Opportunity Tree’s LEAF (Life Enrichment and Fulfillment) DTA Adult Day Program is specially designed for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities in Central Phoenix, Avondale, Casa Grande, & the City of Maricopa.

It provides supports to individuals with a variety of needs, paying careful attention to the whole person.

What is LEAF?

Our LEAF DTA program supports Members in enhancing their independence, engaging actively in their local communities, and fostering essential social skills within a supportive network of peers and mentors.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to the best practices in programming, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for every participant.

Within the program, Members participate in a variety of creative and enriching activities that blend the social, recreational, and habilitative dimensions.

These activities align with the highest standards in programming for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing a well-rounded and purposeful platform for growth.

For our adult participants, the program is strategically tailored to achieve the following:

  • Increase Self-Confidence: Through targeted activities and supportive environments, we aim to boost the self-confidence of our adult Members, empowering them to navigate daily challenges with assurance.

  • Encourage Self-Sufficiency: Our program places a strong emphasis on fostering self-sufficiency, equipping individuals with the skills and mindset necessary for greater independence in their daily lives.

  • Promote Social Interaction: Social engagement is a cornerstone of our approach. We create opportunities for meaningful interactions, facilitating the development of enduring connections among our Members.

  • Facilitate Participation and Integration into the Local Community: We understand the importance of community integration. Our program actively encourages participation in local activities, fostering a sense of belonging and contribution.

  • Develop Personal Skills Based on Individual Goals and Objectives: Recognizing the unique strengths and aspirations of each participant, our program is personalized to align with individual goals and objectives, ensuring a tailored and impactful learning journey.

Our LEAF Program provides a supportive, professional, and personalized environment where growth and self-discovery flourish.

    Supported Aging: Creative Aging is part of The Opportuntiy Tree’s Life Enrichment & Fulfillment program.

    LEAF In Action:

    • Fun, creative community outings & adventures led by Member choice
    • Innovative immersion experiences
    • Cooking classes
    • Creative art-based programming
    • Structured social skills training & experiences
    • Opportunities for personal growth & exploration
    • Programming that encourages Members to build healthy habits
    • Much, much more!

    Interested in joining the program? 

    We offer LEAF DTA in all four of our communities –

    Avondale, Phoenix, Casa Grande, & Maricopa.

    Call: 602-956-0400


    Our Locations


    3146 E. Windsor Ave.

    Phoenix, AZ 85008

    Casa Grande

    209 W. 1st St.

    Casa Grande, AZ 85122


    328 W. Western Ave.

    Avondale, AZ 85323


    19756 North Maricopa Rd.

    Suites #108 & 109

    Maricopa, AZ 85139

    Campus Hours: 

    Monday - Friday - 8 AM - 6 PM

    The Opportunity Tree is closed on federal holidays.

    The Opportunity Tree's QCO: 20354

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