Community Living

Our Community Living services help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Arizona find a home they can love. We provide individualized support to members, focusing on increasing their independence and participation in the community.

We also provide in-home supports to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Arizona who are living on their own or with their families.

Types of Supports

The Opportunity Tree supports three types of supports: Group Homes, Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLAs) and Home and Community Based Services.

Group Homes

Our Group Homes are small single-family homes that The Opportunity Tree owns and runs for members to live together. Staff from The Opportunity Tree are always present to help members perform daily activities. Our Group Homes promote a high quality of life through activities in the community and at home that enhance independence and social skills.

Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLAs)

IDLAs are different from Group Homes because members own or rent their own home and The Opportunity Tree only provides staff to help members be independent. These staff members are called Direct Support Professionals and they are trained in Respite Care, Attendant Care and/or Habilitation Services for each member.

We provide Direct Support Professionals for IDLAs where members live by themselves and for IDLAs where a group of housemates choose to live together. In either case, members and their families choose Direct Support Professionals to best fit their needs.

We encourage families to be involved in every step of the process so that members feel comfortable and supported.

Home and Community Based Services

Our services include:

  • Respite care – Our staff spends time with members to allow family members and caregivers to have personal time.
  • Attendant care – Our trained professionals help members with their personal hygiene.
  • Habilitation services – Our staff helps members learn to achieve personal goals around independence and social skills.

What It’s Like

Group Home Members receive:

– Daily living assistance
– Homes matched for compatibility

IDLA Members receive:

– Assistance in their own home
– Supports based on need

Home and Community Based Supported Members receive:

– Respite and Hab. Services
– Attendant Care

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We offer community living supports in both Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

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