The Opportunity Tree is excited to announce our first art related employment opportunity for our members!

What Members Will Do

Our members will be working on a project with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to create desert masonry candleholders that will be sold online, at the Frank Lloyd Wright Store at Taliesin West and eventually at select retailers throughout the nation.

About the Product

The candleholders were initially designed and created by artist-in-residence Rob Rainone at Taliesin West. Rob and the entire staff at Taliesin West have already proven to be amazing partners; touring our members to learn about the philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Foundation, participating in accessibility training and making sure that our members know that they are now part of the community of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

We are so excited for our members to gain meaningful employment with an amazing organization. A huge thank you goes out to the entire team at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Taliesin West.

About Taliesin West

Taliesin West is a home turned museum designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s located in Scottsdale, Arizona and was Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home for much of his life. Today, it is visited by thousands every year and houses the School of Architecture at Taliesin and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

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