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Thank you for your interest in our services! After you have completed a tour of one of our facilities and decided on a program(s), please complete the entirety of this application. The purpose of this application is to provide us with accurate information about the applicant. Please exercise full disclosure when filling out these forms, as they will assist us in knowing how to properly serve the applicant.

As an organization, we have experience working with the unique needs and circumstances of our Members. Knowing specific health care needs, behaviors, coping mechanisms, and triggers of the applicant will greatly help us in providing the most beneficial and positive supports possible.

Thorough completion is imperative to the proper placement of the applicant.

Please email the following documents to info@theopportunitytree.org after submitting this form:

1. Copies of State ID, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate or Passport
2. Guardianship Papers (if applicable)
3. Health Insurance Card
4. Copy of any professional evaluations or assessments
5. Current ISP or IEP
6. Employment Services only:
a. Copy of Social Security Card
b. Completed Arizona and Federal Tax forms

Once this form has been submitted to a service coordinator or program manager, we will contact you to set up a pre-placement meeting. After reviewing information from the application and the tour, the Intake Committee will decide the eligibility or placement of the applicant. The outcome of this process will result in: placement in the program applied for, placement on a waiting list or an alternate referral plan.

We encourage you to contact your local service coordinator at any point during this process if you have any questions or concerns. The Opportunity Tree is here to help you navigate this process from start to finish.

Thank you for your interest in The Opportunity Tree, we’re excited to get started!

Questions? Email us at info@theopportunitytree.org or call at 602-956-0400.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Opportunity Tree recognizes the value of using human resources to their fullest and declares through its bylaws and policies that it will afford equal opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act makes reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities to participate in the agency’s programs, settings, and activities.

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Main Contact
Programs/Services of interest
If you are your own guardian, you may skip the next questions about guardian information.
This field is optional.
This field is optional.
Include options for assistance (hand over hand, modified utensils, etc)
Please provide the following: Medication name, Medication time administered, and dosage.
All demographic data submitted statistically. Individual confidentiality shall be maintained for our Members.
All demographic data submitted statistically. Individual confidentiality shall be maintained for our Members.
Please check all that apply
Please check all benefits applicant receives:
Please check all that apply
This includes the Member.
Does the applicant exhibit age appropriate social skills?
Please indicate which of the following have ever been concerns for the applicant.
Can the applicant identify the current day of the week?
Can the applicant identify the current day of the year?
Can the applicant tell time on a digital clock?
Can the applicant tell time on an analog clock?
What is the applicant’s current math comprehension?
Please check all of the following that describes the applicant’s money management skills:
What is the applicant’s current reading comprehension?
Which academic and life skills would be most beneficial for the applicant to spend time improving? Check all that apply:
What teaching techniques tend to be the most effective for the applicant when learning a new skill? Check all that apply:
What would the applicant most like to get out of their time at The Opportunity Tree? Some of these goals may be achieved within a few weeks of being in the program, while others may take several years. Consider what some of those short term goals might be, as well as some long term goals (in the next 5-10 years).
Type of Disability
Family Medical History
If a member of the family has had any of the following, check (✓) the applicable box(es).
If the individual has or has had any of the following, please check (✓) as applicable:
If a member of the family has had any of the following, check (✓) the applicable box(es).
Dental History
Food Preparation:
Special Diet
Nutritional Supplements:
Choke or gag reflex
Assistance required during mealtimes (i.e. adapted utensils, positioning, etc.):
Can the resident obtain / request fluids?
Adaptive Equipment (i.e. Glasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, communication devices, etc.):
Facility Adaptations (i.e. Ramps, Plexiglas windows, grab bars, etc.):
If yes - please specify any equipment and/or time schedules associated with lifting, carrying, and positioning the applicant.
Examples include: brushing teeth, flossing, nail care, etc.
Special instructions for bathing
Examples include: methods and/or products required to bathe the applicant.
Supervision required for bathing?
Staff gender preference for bathing assistance
Special lab work required for medical monitoring?
(i.e. Lithium levels, Dilantin levels, thyroid, etc.)
Please specify the types of lab work that are required for the applicant's medical monitoring, as well as the frequency with which these tests are needed.
Does the applicant take a seizure medication?
Are seizures documented?
Does the applicant take a blood pressure medication?
Are the parameters for this medication established by a physician?
(i.e. frequency, ranges, etc.):
Applicant is diabetic

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The Opportunity Tree is closed on federal holidays. 

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